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10 Popular Luxembourgish Phrases for Travel and Daily Life

Learn Luxembourgish
Luxembourgish is the national language of Luxembourg and is spoken by the majority of its population. Knowing a few essential phrases can be useful when traveling to Luxembourg or communicating with locals.
As the world has shifted to a more digital age, there has been an increase in the number of people who are taking online language classes to learn new languages. And, with the rise of online schools, learning Luxembourgish has become more accessible than ever.
Here are 10 popular Luxembourgish phrases for travel and daily life:


  • "Moien" (hello)
  • "Gudde Moien" (good morning)
  • "Gudden Owend" (good evening)

Saying Goodbye

  • "Äddi" (goodbye)
  • "Bis dann" (see you later)
  • "Ech ginn elo" (I am leaving now)

Everyday Conversations

  • "Wéi geet et?" (how are you?)
  • "Mir geet et gutt" (I am doing well)
  • "Merci" (thank you)
  • "Ech schwätze kee Lëtzebuergech" (I do not speak Luxembourgish)
  • "Wou ass d'Toilette?" (where is the bathroom?)


  • "Wéivill kascht et?" (how much does it cost?)
  • "Ech hunn keng Lëtzebuergesch Geld" (I don't have Luxembourgish money)
By incorporating these phrases into your daily language learning routine, you'll be well on your way to communicating with locals and enjoying your travels in Luxembourg.
Whether you are learning for travel purposes, for personal development, or for professional advancement, online schools offer a wide range of language classes, including Luxembourgish. So, if you're looking to enhance your language skills, consider enrolling in an online language class and start your journey towards fluency today!