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Sproochentest preparation program, designed to help you successfully navigate the Luxembourgish language exam required for nationality. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your skills specifically for the Sproochentest, our comprehensive courses are tailored to meet your language goals.
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Agatha Theodore, Director of Studies
"Our program will assist you in learning Luxembourgish and passing the Sproochentest. Let us help you achieve your language learning goals"

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to Sproochentest!

Our program guides you seamlessly from beginner-level Luxembourgish to Sproochentest proficiency. With a structured curriculum, our courses prepare you for the specific language requirements needed to pass the Sproochentest and attain Luxembourgish nationality.
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Immerse yourself in our group courses, specifically crafted for Sproochentest preparation. Join a supportive community of learners with similar goals, engaging in group activities and discussions to enhance your language skills in preparation for the exam.
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The methodology and formats

Explore our effective teaching methods that incorporate various formats, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises. Our courses use a range of materials and activities to ensure a comprehensive and targeted approach to Sproochentest preparation.
Benefit from our proven methodology designed for successful Sproochentest outcomes. Our focus is on practical language application, providing you with the skills needed to confidently navigate the exam and meet the language requirements for Luxembourgish nationality.

Effective methodology

Experience a fresh approach to Sproochentest preparation. Our courses are tailored to the unique requirements of the exam, ensuring a focused and efficient learning experience. Our instructors specialize in adapting to the specific needs and expectations of Sproochentest candidates.
Access our user-friendly online platform equipped with modern learning tools. Engage with video lessons, lectures, webinars, tests, and other resources designed to enhance your Sproochentest preparation and maximize your success in the exam.

New approach

Modern learning tools

Learning Luxembourgish brings many benefits: pass the Sproochentest for citizenship, improve job opportunities, make friends, connect with others, and enjoy Luxembourg's culture.


Small groups: convenient and effective

1+1: Learn Luxembourgish online in a mini group of 2 students (your colleague, friend, partner or spouse) with a similar level of language knowledge to yours.

Individual classes: Learn Luxembourgish online one-on-one with our highly-qualified tutors

Sproochentest preparation: Prepare for the exam in a group or individually with an experienced language coach
Conveniently prepare for the Sproochentest with our online courses. Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, allowing you to tailor your preparation to fit your schedule. Our online courses provide a structured and interactive approach to Sproochentest readiness.


Learn from experienced instructors dedicated to your success in the Sproochentest. Our teachers analyze your progress and provide personalized guidance, ensuring you receive the support needed for a successful language exam.
  • Vika Lunkes
    Vika has been preparing students for Sproochentest for 8 years, and 98% of her students pass the exam successfully — with an average score of 87 points.
    Teaching experience: 10+ years
    “No matter how old you are, everyone can learn something new every day and if I am able to help feed an inquisitive mind, I finish the day with a smile on my face and satisfaction in my heart”

  • Paul Daly
    International TEFLl Certificate, Bachelor of Arts
    Teaching experience: 15 years
    “My philosophy of education is: education is the passport to the future, because the future belongs to those who prepare for it today”
  • Eric Fay
    TEFL international certificate
    Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Master of Arts with Honors (Intelligence Studies),
    Teaching experience: 15 years
    Eric first began teaching English in 2007 and discovered that not only was he good at it, but he had a passion for helping people achieve their language goals in a relaxed environment. He attributes much of his success in teaching to the communicative method, empathy for students. When he’s not aiding students, he can be found daydreaming about beaches; usually someplace warm.

Not sure what your level is?
Take our free online test to assess your level, with no obligation to enroll in a course. The test is designed to provide an indication of your current level and help you find the course that best suits your needs.
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Feedback from our students

We encourage and promote a “learning community” in which special attention is paid to the atmosphere of cooperation. We are proud that many of our students form lasting friendship within our classroom setting and continue to communicate with each other even when the course is over. Our teachers stay in touch with our students even after they have achieved their goals and moved on. We create a very friendly and welcoming learning community.

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